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Study visits for the teaching staff, at the finish

On the 30th of September 2015, a group of 22 teaching staff from Vaslui county participated to the last study visit organized on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” The teaching staff received information on the programs and projects developed by Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation, Star of Hope Romania Foundation and Bethany Foundation for Social Services. In addition to this, representatives of other two NGOs – project partners – were present at the ADV Romania headquarters: Salvati Copiii Association and COTE Foundation. The discussions pointed out aspects related to the needs identified in the rural communities, the need of information among the pupils, especially on themes such as: sexual education and career guidance, and also the need of the teaching staff of being trained on various themes. Furthermore, the teachers pointed out the important role of the parents in educating and training children, noticing that the parental education theme, within the information campaigns made by the mobile caravan, is essential in the communities to which they belong. Among the issues discussed with the representatives of the NGOs that were present at the meetings, the visitors were interested in finding out the behaviour specific to different affections, such as: Down syndrome, autism, ADHD, so that they could be capable of identifying such cases among the students with which they are working, in order to be able to refer them to specialized NGOs afterwards. The teachers showed great interest in the training courses that will be organized on the project.