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Study visits to Iasi and Vaslui

14 social assistants from the communes of Vaslui County participated to the study visit at the NGOs headquarters from Iasi and Negresti – partner organizations on the project “Partnership for inclusion!”. This was a good occasion for finding out information about the projects and activities of the NGOs and also new ways of professional collaboration. The event started by visiting the headquarters of World Vision Romania Foundation of Negresti, Vaslui County. The participants had the occasion of getting information about the foundation activity during the 25 years of existence, but also about the programs in implementation in Iasi and Vaslui Counties. 4 team members of World Romania Foundation and a representative of the General Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection Vaslui were present to the meeting, in order to provide specific information. They talked about the problems of the community, about the role of the social assistants and the importance of collaboration between the public and private institutions. The social assistants shared models of good practice from their communities and presented several solutions to the community problems: lack of jobs, domestic violence, school abandonment, lack of education, poor financial resources, alcohol use. The exchange of experience was considered very useful because it has facilitated the dialogue between the social assistance specialists from the rural communities, but also due to the fact that it brought hope in the communities where the main problem is the lack of vision and trust that the current situation can change in a positive way. The focus was on the importance of making the beneficiary of social services more responsible, but also on the importance of inclusion and providing specialized support. In addition to this, in Iasi, the social assistants visited the headquarters of Star of Hope Romania Foundation, where they found out information on the services and models of psycho-social assistance for children and young people with disabilities, especially those with autism and Down syndrome. Representatives of Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation and Salvati Copiii Organization were also present to this visit, where they presented information about the implemented programs and projects and the provided services. Images from the study visit can be seen here.