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Study visits with impact in the rural communities

On the 24thof September 2015 took place the fourth study visit for teaching staff from the rural communities of Iasi County, organized on the project “Partnership for inclusion!”. The teaching staff visited the programs of Bethany Foundation for Social Services, SalvatiCopiii Association and Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation. In addition to this, representatives from Alternative Sociale Association and COTE Foundation also participatedto this visit, who presented in front of the group of specialists their activities and programs, and offered information about their role and involvement on the project. During the discussions, they identified the way the NGOs could support the school activity, through services for pupils/students. Thus, they established contacts for referring the social cases of people identified in each community: children with behavior disorders, pupils remaining for the second year in the same class, children with parents working abroad or children with imprisoned parents, children with attention deficitof hyper-kinetic disorder, with emotional troubles etc. Moreover, the teachers pointed out the importance and role of education for parents, in the process of raising and shaping children/pupils.