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Life without alcohol – a target of …Social Assistance

”During the presentations, the importance of the social assistant profession was emphasized and we felt valorised and appreciated”, “We appreciate the well-structured program and the way the themes were approached by the trainers: role play, interactive activities, free discussions” and “the trainers were very involved, diplomats, good professionals, with special human qualities.” - these are several impressions gathered from the social assistants who participated to the second training course of the series of four, in Iasi and Vaslui Counties, organized on the project “Partnership for inclusion!”. The course developed during the period November 4th – 7th 2015 at Voronet, Suceava County, had the purpose of training the specialists in the social field (social assistants from the communes of Iasi County) regarding the prevention of alcohol use. The participants were trained by the specialists of Bethany Foundation for Social Services. More than 20 participants received information on: alcohol addiction, the alcohol consumer typology, gender differences regarding the alcohol addiction, the life quality of the alcohol addicted person, consumption evaluation etc.  Furthermore, they learned methods and techniques for therapeutically approaching the alcohol addicted people. Last, but not least, the social assistants became aware of the importance of intervening in cases of alcohol consumption, given the dimension of the phenomenon in Romania, especially in the rural area. They mentioned they were facing many cases of alcoholism in their activity within the rural city halls and, also, many of the crisis situations that required specialized intervention were consequences of the high/exaggerated alcohol consumption: family abandonment, domestic violence, school abandonment, unwanted pregnancies at young ages etc.