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Vaslui and Iasi, partners for inclusion

CONFERENCE… The first part of the project “Partnership for inclusion!” has ended. Until now, 425 young people with ages between 16 and 29 years benefited of psycho-social assistance services through the programs developed by the 7NGO partners. The services consisted of psycho-social support for young people with behaviour disorders, addictions and chronical diseases, professional counselling, psycho-social assistance for preventing and fighting against abuse, for developing parental abilities to young people and for developing life skills, and also mediation on the labour market. Fifty young people from the rural areaof the two counties participated to two Summer Schools, where they had the occasion of building and consolidating abilities for relating with others, for knowing themselves and for developing independent life skills. Moreover, approximately 10.000 young people received informationthrough the caravans and the visits in the rural communities of Iasi and Vaslui. Sex, taboo subject in most of the rural communities “We had a not very long period of about 50 years, when the sexual issue was taboo. People did not talk about sex at all, and this inheritance will probably continue for more than 50 years. This happens because people were educated in this spirit and now few parents talk to their children about sex-related subjects. We are referring to people with ages between 16 and 29 years. Not talking about such topics at this age is a very serious problem. Due to the broad Internet access, with various types of information, and to the combination with addictions, alcohol and ethnobotanics, the lack of information or the misinformationlead to violence and problems hard to keep under control. First of all, we should focus on non-formal education, on the activities organized especially by the civil society. Only by doing this we can hope to have a solution for solving these problems”, says Mr. IonelArmeanu, director at the Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection Vaslui. The project will continue [read further]