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Support for the Community through Information Campaigns

What should I do when my husband drinks too much alcohol?”, “What should I do if I feel physically and emotionally abused?”, “Why are the HIV infected people so discriminated?”, “What happened when you are bitten in the neck area?”, “Which are the long term effects of taking contraceptive medication, especially those for the second day after the intercourse?” – these are some of the questions received by the specialists of the mobile caravan during the information campaigns organized during the period July 27th – 31st 2015. The mobile caravan visited 6 communes of Iasi and Vaslui Counties - Alexandru Vlahuta, Bacani, Coroiesti, Mosna, Oteleni and Pogana, where the specialists organized information campaigns on the project “Partnership for inclusion!”, on the following themes: sexual and contraceptive education, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, parental education, prevention of school abandonment, career guidance, prevention of alcohol and other drugs consumption, prevention of domestic violence. The participants to the campaigns, more than 140 people, shared the situations they were facing and asked a lot of questions that clarified not only the tapped issues, but also many myths. The most appealing subjects for the young people were the following: sexual education, and career guidance, due to the fact that most of the participants did not have the information provided by the specialists and belonged to the category of people who abandoned school before turning 16 years, being in the situation where they had no perspective for the future. The social assistants indicated to the mobile caravan experts very serious problems – alcohol use, pregnancies/birth deliveries in cases of minor girls; they planned to organize many information campaigns on these topics in the villages and communes in need, starting with the end of September. You can see photos of the information sessions here.