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Support for the teaching staff

„I found out it is a lot easier to give up to the classical structure of presenting the notions and to establish a day before what you can change to your course in order to make it more pleasant and efficient. Changing the way of working with the pupils will be a challenge.”, “I found out that collaboration is very important, that the students will learn a lot easier if they are not constraint and that it is very important to get involved. I shall adopt a more relaxed attitude in the classroom and I shall turn to profit the team work.” – these are opinions gathered from the teaching staff of Vaslui, who participated to the first training course of the series of 4, during the period December 3rd – 6th 2015. The courses were organized in Iasi and Vaslui Counties on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” “It was useful to discover how I can approach the Career guidance theme during the homeroom class, […] I find it a challenge to discover in my students what career is appropriate for them, as I have discovered at this course that this profession is the best for me.”, “I found out that every occupation must be correctly and concretely analysed, in order to be able to compare them afterwards.” – these were statements of the teaching staff written in the evaluation forms of this course, with training provided by the specialists of World Vision Romania Foundation, with the purpose of training 25 teachers for offering counselling and career guidance activities to the students.   The training sessions ended with reflection moments on the received information, on the used methods/tools and on the fact that it is necessary to adapt them in order to be useful to the students from various classrooms with which they are working. Furthermore, they pointed out the importance of learning from experience and they debated the ways and concrete steps for creating this frame during classes.