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Sex, the teenagers’ curiosity

„Can I become pregnant during the first sexual intercourse?”, „Why does the homosexuality exist? „Is masturbation natural?”, „What is Viagra?”, „What happens if a condom breaks?” – these were the main questions to which the experts of the mobile caravan answered during the campaigns developed in 8 schools of Iasi communes: Barnova, Ciurea, Dobrovat, Grajduri, Horlesti, Mironeasa, Schitu Duca and Voinesti, during the period October 19th – 23rd 2015. The information sessions developed on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” focussed on the following themes: sexual education, career guidance and prevention of domestic violence. The sexual education subject captivated the attention of all students, due to the participative way of approach, with focus on becoming responsible for starting the sexual activity, the importance of strengthening the relationship of the minors with their parents and the prevention of the sexually transmitted diseases. During the information sessions on career guidance, the specialists focussed on the prevention of school abandonment, on shaping the professional directions (with elements of self-evaluation and mobilisation of personal resources acquired during the years of study) and on avoiding the situations where they could become victims of human trafficking. The prevention of domestic violence was the theme that clarified to the young people issues related to aggressiveness and violence cycle. Furthermore, the specialists talked to them about the methods of intervention in cases of violence, and also about the types of behaviour meant to prevent the victimisation or the crimes based on violence.