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Information sessions together with the authorities

„What is the impact of the contraceptive pills on the human body?”, “How efficient is the HIV treatment?”, “How can I get real data about the companies that recruit people for working abroad?”, “How can we intervene in cases of domestic violence?” – these are only several issues approached by the participants to the information sessions developed by the experts of the mobile caravan during the period August 24th – 28th 2015.   On the project “Partnership for inclusion!”, the mobile caravan developed in 7 communes from Iasi and Vaslui Counties (Codaesti, Ipatele, Miclesti, Osesti, Rafaila, Tibana and Tibanesti), information campaigns on: sexual education, migration and human trafficking, prevention of domestic violence, parental education, career guidance, prevention of alcohol use and school abandonment. Most of the adults present to the information sessions were very interested in the following themes: “Migration and people trafficking” and “Parental education”. The subjects raised their interest because members of their families were working abroad or wished to leave the country. Furthermore, the specialists of the caravan focused on discussing on the child education in the first three years of life. In addition to this, representatives of local and county authorities participated to some of the information sessions and talked to the participants about crime, human trafficking, and online navigation security.