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Professional inclusion services at ADV Romania

The computer course provided to the beneficiaries of the project “Partnership for inclusion!” continued this week with new attractive activities. In Iasi, the youth have already started to prepare for the winter holidays and, under the trainer’s guidance, they learned to make photos with their cell phones, to download them on the computer and to process them, then transforming them into greeting cards for their dear ones. The obtained results pleased them very much and they were surprised by their own achievements and by what they can do with the help of a computer. The professional inclusion program for the people with disabilities includes, in addition to the professional component, the work capacity assessment, through the CASPER test battery. This battery helps us identify the working potential of the people with disabilities and support them for turning it to profit, for finding jobs. Although it was an evaluation context, the youth perceived the activity as pleasant and challenging, each test being a source of satisfaction for them.