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To colour, to cut up? Simple! Or … Not!

For a person with Parkinson disease, keeping the pencil in one’s hand and colouring some images without help can be impossible. This was also the case of A., a young man with disabilities from the Centre of Recovery and Rehabilitation for People with Handicap, Budai. The first time when he came to the day care centre of ADV Romania said he couldn’t do anything by himself (he couldn’t glue, cut, colour or drink from a glass), because he had Parkinson disease. Now, after 6 months, period when he came to the activities almost every week, he can draw a board with various images by himself, he can create, with help, cartoon objects, by using the snipping, gluing and wrapping techniques. Although he still needs help for doing these activities, the progress is visible and real. This result was possible because we trusted him, we helped him discover the pleasure of colouring and gluing and, for each success, no matter how small, we showed him appreciation. Manual activities that seem childish to us, have a significant role when it comes to working with people with disabilities – in the first place, atherapeutic role and secondly, for helping them develop a series of abilities.