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Preventing the transmission of the sexually transmitted infections (STI)

During the period 9-13 May 2016, the specialists of the Mures centre have organized in the Materna centre information sessions about sexually transmitted infections, with focus on HIV and syphilis, because the statistics indicate an increase of the number of diagnostics of this disease. The girls received information about symptoms, transmission channels, prevention methods, with various questions on the subject: “what is the congenital syphilis?”; “which is the number of partners that a person should have?”; “is HIV the same with cancer?”; “for how long do we have to take the ARV treatment in case of HIV infection?” etc. The teenagers were interested in everything we talked and in how they can prevent these diseases, they received bookmarks with information on how the HIV is being transmitted/is not being transmitted and prints with the sexually transmitted infections and watched video-spots that encourage the use of condom. In the same period, many young people were present at the day care centre where they watched a movie and made paintings from corrugated paper, this activity being accessible to all, even to those with low motricity.