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Increasing interest in information

During the period November 9th -13th 2015, the specialists of the mobile caravan held information campaigns in 8 communes of Vaslui County – Botesti, Bunesti-Averesti, Duda, Epureni, Feresti, Solesti, Tanacu and Valeni. The information sessions were part of the project “Partnership for inclusion!” and focussed on the following themes: sexual education, career guidance and prevention of school abandonment. The students were very interested in the subject of sexual education, they knew the sexually transmitted diseases, the ways of transmission and the contraceptive methods. The theme “Career guidance” aroused the curiosity and attention of the pupils, by playing the games “Life Road” and “I am the most important”. The information sessions were interactive, the young people were honest, open, spontaneous and willing of finding out many information on the two themes, they answered the specialists’ questions, proving that they were informed and prepared for the following period in their life.