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Training and partnership

During the period November 25th – 28th, ADV Romania organized the last training course at Voronet, Suceava County, of the series of four courses addressed to the social assistants from Iasi and Vaslui, on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” The course had the objective of training the specialists in the social field regarding the prevention of human trafficking and domestic violence and was held by specialists of Alternative Sociale Association. The 22 social assistants/ workers from Vaslui who participated to the course received precious information on: relevant concepts – migration, human trafficking, vulnerability – assisted resilience, aggressiveness, types and causes of violence, violence cycle, intervention and prevention methods, methods of working with the victim and aggressor, statistics and the legal frame worldwide, with information on the Romanian legislation. The teaching method chosen by the specialists was learning by doing, through brainstorming, group working, movies and theatre forum. The training sessions were interactive and the participants shared their own experiences in working with the victims of domestic violence. The participants declared they had chosen this training for deepening their knowledge and for improving the methods and techniques of intervention and prevention in the community, which faces the two phenomena. After evaluating the training sessions, the specialists could conclude that the participants appreciated “the received information and the interactive games”, “the involvement of the trainers and the tapped subjects”, “the ways of presenting the information”, “the way of conceiving the course support and the information”, “the organization of the entire course”.