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Initiation in using the computer

Yesterday, on the 11th of November 2015, 7 young people from the Centre of Recovery and Rehabilitation of the People with Disabilities from Budai started the computer course at ADV Romania, Iasi Centre. Under the guidance of Mrs. Doina Filipescu, the trainer of this course, the youth discovered that the interaction with the computer was very pleasant, interesting and gives you lots of benefits. They were anxious to find out what commands they must operate in order to search their favourite songs on the Internet or how they could access games, but not before  learning the computer components and several basic actions (closing-opening the computer, moving the mouse, opening documents, opening Internet pages etc.). During the 42 hours of the course, the young people will be supported in developing abilities of using the computer, in developing the capacity of relating and socializing, but also of expressing themselves with the help of the computer. By using the computer, the young people will practice writing and reading, they will learn to seek information and use it, they will develop their reaction speed, their logical thinking and the competitive spirit and will gain confidence in themselves and in their capacities.