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Information… A Powerful Gift for The Holidays

”Which are the sexually transmitted diseases?”, „Which are the ways of transmission?”, „Do you know the causes of school abandonment?”, „Which are the effects of school abandonment for the individual and for the society in general?”, „Do you know what organs are affected by the alcohol consumption?”, „Which are the effects of the alcohol consumption and the reasons for which a person drinks alcohol?” – these were some of the questions to which the specialists of the NGOs answered in front of the young people present to the information sessions, on the mobile caravan during  the period December 11th - 15th, 2015. The caravan is an information program in the rural area developed through meetings held in 12 communes from Iasi County: Belcesti, Cotnari, Ceplenita, Coarnele Caprei, Deleni, Lespezi, Movileni, Romanesti, Scobinti, Siretel, Todiresti and Vanatori. The subjects were selected according to the interest of the community: sexual education, prevention of domestic violence, prevention of alcohol consumption, prevention of school abandonment and prevention of human trafficking. Again, the sexual education subject was received with maximum interest by the participants who found out which are the sexually transmitted diseases, the way they can be prevented and which are the contraception methods. The specialists also talked to the young people about the physical, mental and emotional consequences of starting their sexual activity and they noticed that the participants did not talk to their parents about this issue, finding it shameful, taboo. Violence prevention was the subject that lighted up the discussions about the causes of violence, the types of behaviour which accompany violence and the identification of alternative solutions for solving conflicts, for expressing the emotions and for communicating. The youth contributed to shaping the victim and aggressor profiles and identified, through the exercises, the types of violence and its consequences. The subject of preventing human trafficking captivated the pupils’ attention through the complexity of the phenomenon and they found out directly from the specialists which are the recruiting methods, the associated delinquencies, the pattern of the possible victims and aggressors, and also measures that can be taken when they suspect that a person is exposed to human trafficking.