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Information offered to the social assistants from Iasi and Vaslui

During the period March-April 2015, „Alaturi de Voi” Romania Foundation developed on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” 6 meetings with the social assistants and the medical community assistants from 67 rural communities from Iasi County and 47 from Vaslui County. The purpose was to confirm the main problems that the rural communities are facing, considering the fact that a series of information campaigns will be developed on the project. Moreover, on this project, we shall also develop proper strategies of intervention in the field of social and educational services. The problems reported by the 133 specialists pointed out the need of major intervention in the rural area, the need of providing social services for assisting the victims in cases of domestic violence, most of them resulted from: excessive alcohol consumption; the lack of an adequate sexual and contraceptive education – which determined an alarming increasing number of minor mothers in the two counties; the big number of children from the middle school who quit school; the lack of available jobs in the rural areas, which determines the augmentation of the level of poverty, including among the young families, the increasing dependence of the social aid offered through the Law no. 416/2001 (the guaranteed minimum income), which determines a demotivation of the assisted people in finding a job. The project will permit the intervention by organizing mobile information caravans in each commune from Iasi and Vaslui Counties, in order to offer counselling, professional guidance and training, psycho-social assistance for preventing and fighting against the effects of abuse, development of the parental abilities for young people, the development of mediation and life skills, psycho-social support for young people with behaviour disorders, addictions and chronical diseases, and also assistance services in view of developing independent life skills within the Youth Club Service. The project “Partnership for inclusion” is developed by a consortium of 9 partners, among which 7 NGOs from Iasi County and 2 public institutions – the General Departments of Social Assistants and Child Protection of Iasi and Vaslui and is financed within the call of proposals “SYNERGIES FOR THE FUTURE – young people at risk within the Program RO10 ”Children and young people at risk and local and regional initiatives for reducing national inequalities and for promoting social inclusion”, program developed within the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.