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Information Campaigns in Pascani

During the period 13th-17thof June 2016, the experts of the mobile caravan visited two high schools fromPascani, Iasi county, where they held informationcampaigns on the following themes”Sexual education and prevention of sexually transmitted infections”, “Alcohol use prevention”, “Prevention of violence and people trafficking” and “Career guidance”. In both high schools, the experts of the mobile team met young people willing to find out as much information as possible and talked to them about responsibility, minor mothers and causes that lead to unwanted pregnancies, contraceptive methods, they discussed about delaying the start of sexual activity and they insisted on this aspects, but also on other aspects related to their professional future, motivation, purpose and importance of identifying the abilities of each individual. The youth were extremely interested in the themes related to preventing the people trafficking and the alcohol consumption; they were sensitized by the case studies presented by the specialists and intervened with their questions. The specialists noticed that, when they requested the participants details on the context where they consumed alcohol, 90% of them answered that they drank alcohol at their parents’ initiative, especially on holidays and on other occasions organized in the family. Although this is widely practiced in the Romanian society, the specialists pointed out the negative effects of alcohol use from young ages and militated for incriminating these practices. The impact of the information campaigns can be measured by the number of additional campaigns, with additional subjects and by the number of young people that requested assistance in various cases. During this period, around 10 young people requested the mobile caravan expert to recommend them methods that would help them quit smoking.