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Information Campaigns in the Rural Area

During the period July 2nd -9th 2015, on the project “Partnership for inclusion!”, the multi-disciplinary mobile caravan stopped in 10 communes from Iasi County– Arsura, Balteni, Danesti, Dranceni, Ivesti, Lipovat, Muntenii de Sus, Perieni, Pogonesti and Zorleni, in order to develop information campaigns on the following themes: parental education, prevention of domestic violence, prevention of school abandonment and career guidance, sexual and contraceptive education, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, prevention of alcohol and drug use. More than 200 people participated to the information sessions, most of them young people who showed great interest in the tapped subjects, participating actively to the discussions. After the campaigns, the specialists of the mobile caravan noticed that the young people from the rural areas are increasingly interested in personal development, career guidance and in obtaining information about education for life through such interactive meetings. Furthermore, during the information session, different social cases were brought to the attention of specialists – cases that were already referred to the partner institutions or NGOs, in order to provide proper psycho-social assistance. You can see images from the sessions here.