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Information campaigns in the communes of Vaslui County

What should we do in order to find jobs?”, „I had a job, but I suffered an injustice at work – what should I do?”, “How do I teach my child to do good things?”, “How do I speak to my child about the sexually transmitted diseases?”, “What is education good at?” – these are only several of the questions received by the specialists of the mobile caravan at the information campaigns during the period July 20th – 24th 2015. The mobile caravan stopped in 8 communes of Vaslui County – Berezeni, Gherghesti, Iana, Lunca Banului, Poienesti, Puiesti, Stanilesti and Vetrisoaia, where the specialists developed information campaigns on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” on the following themes: Sexual and contraceptive education, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, parental education, prevention of school abandonment and career guidance, prevention of alcohol and drug consumption, prevention of domestic violence. Among the 100 participants to the campaigns, the adults were the ones very interested in learning how to approach their children properly when they teach them about the prevention of the sexually transmitted infections, and also about the proper steps in the process of searching for jobs and how to manage the conflictual situations at the former jobs. The domestic violence theme raised the interest among the participants to the information campaigns, many pf them sharing their life experiences, admitting that they are abused/aggressed and declaring that there was nothing they could do abou it, excepting that they can’t do anything, but accepting it as a natural fact, something “given” to women. The experts of the mobile caravan offered information punctually about the methods of avoiding domestic conflicts and about the measures that need to be taken when they are in the situation of managing such a conflict. In addition to this, the experts of the mobile caravan gathered feedback after relating with the social assistants from the visited communes. Some of them declared that often, when they face problematic situations in the commune, they consult materials obtained from theoretical sessions on social assistance provided by NGOs and confirmed their availability of participating to the training sessions on the project. You can see images from the information sessions here.