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Other 8 Communities received information

During the periodSeptember21st – 25th2015, the mobile caravan organized information campaigns in 8 communes from Vaslui County:Bacesti, Dumesti, Garceni, Pungesti, Rebricea, Tacuta, Todiresti and Vulturesti, on the project “Partnership for inclusion!”.The participants received information on the following themes: sexual education, migration and human trafficking, prevention of domestic violence, parental education, career guidance, prevention of alcohol consumption and school abandonment. Although all the presented subjects were received with interest by the participants, the sexual education theme proved to be the most appealing; they could find out new information on contraceptive methods and sexually transmitted diseases. After discussing to them, the experts concluded that they had a low knowledge level. The discussions with the adults focused on the methods of preventing violence, and on finding solutions for the victim and aggressor. The participants confessed that they were facing or had faced this situation, or that they knew people suffering because of domestic violence.