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Support Group at Tg. Mures

During the week June 26th – July 1st 2016, the young women from Materna Centre from Tg. Mures participated to a support group where they talked about the interpersonal conflicts and the techniques for solving them. By debating and confronting their problems in the presence of the specialists, they understood that the stress determines various emotional conditions, with repercussions on behaviour, and learned about coping mechanisms that could help them overcome these moments. The meeting ended by making a collage with the photos from the activities developed at the ADV centre in Tg. Mures. The young people worked together, came up with ideas, so that the tension resulted from the conflicts of this week vanished, the girls made pictures with their children and one with the other; these pictures will be added to their works. So that anyone could contribute with something, the girls shared their baby sitting tasks and their children stayed with us throughout the meeting and were very pleased to see themselves andtheir mothers in the photos.