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Training for the social assistants of Iasi County

During the period October 21st – 24th 2015, ADV Romania is organizing in Voronet, Suceava County, the first series of courses destined to the social assistants/workers of Iasi communes. The course theme is “Education for health”, and the trainers are the specialists of ADV Romania. By developing these training courses, we aim at directly contributing to providing specialized services to the young people exposed to the risk of exclusion. The courses developed on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” will be held by trainers of the project partners: Bethany Foundation for Social Services, COTE Foundation, Alternative Sociale Association, Star of Hope Romania Foundation, Salvati Copiii Association and World Vision Organization, with the purpose of improving the specialized services that can be provided to various categories of young people at risk. On the project we planned a series of 8 training courses on various themes, for 100 social assistants/workers from the communes of Iasi and Vaslui Counties and for 100 teaching staff from the same communities. The courses will be organized between October 2015 and February 2016.