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Project finalisation at ADV

Wednesday, on the 6th of April 2016, at 11 o’clock, in the Orion conference room of Unirea Hotel, ADV Romania is organising a press conference for finalising the first part of the project “Partnership for inclusion” – developed by a consortium of 9 institutions:  – Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation - applicant, in partnership with: The General Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection Iasi, The General Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection Vaslui, Alternative Sociale Association, SalvatiCopiii Association, COTE Foundation, Bethany Foundation of Social Services, Star of Hope Romania Foundation and World Vision Romania Foundation, the offices from Iasi and Vaslui. On the project, we organized complex activities for improving the social and professional inclusion of the young people with ages between 16 and 29 years, from vulnerable groups from the counties: Iasi, Vaslui, Constanta and Mures, especially from the rural area. Thus, 425 young people with ages between 16 and 29 years, out of which 66 belonging to the Roma group, benefited of psycho-social assistance through the programs developed by the 7 partners:
  • counselling, professional training and guidancefor young people at risk, focussing on young people with disabilities, including HIV/AIDS, Roma young people, that come from the child protection system; training in the IT field (ADV Romania);
  • psycho-social assistance for preventing and fighting against the effects of abuse, neglect, exploitation and any other type of violence, including the prevention of people traffickingand assistance for the victims for the young people separated from one or both parents and the members of their families (Alternative Sociale Association);
  • developing parental abilities for young people (parents or future parents) in view of preventing the abuse onchildren and the family abandonment (Salvati Copiii Association);
  • Developing abilities oflife and mediationon the labour market, including the personal branding component and career planning (COTE Foundation);
  • psycho-social support for young people with behaviour troubles, addictions and chronical diseases (Bethany Foundation for Social Services);
  • developing independent life skills at the Youth Club, including for those with disabilities (Star of Hope Romania Foundation). The Youth Club Service was developed by the model of ADV Romania;
  • psycho-social and educational assistance, including services for developing independent life skills, parental and entrepreneurial educationfor young people at risk, including Roma people (World Vision Foundation).
For 50 young people from the rural area from the two counties, 2 Summer Schools were organized, with the purpose of forming and consolidating certain personal skills, for relating, self-knowledge and development of the independent life skills, and also of strengthening the knowledge in various fields of interest for the young people. 185 caravans/visits in 174 rural communities were made in Iasi and Vaslui counties (at request, the caravans came again in 5 communes from Iasi county, respectively 6 communes from Vaslui county). The campaigns took place especially in the schools and high schools from the rural communities – almost 10.000 young people were informed during these caravans. Because the NGOs wish to continue the relationship with the social assistants and teachers, 10 study visits were made at the organizations that are partners on the project for 180 specialists from the two counties. For the same purpose, 100 social assistants and 100 teachers from the rural area in Iasi andVaslui counties participated to the training courses with the purpose of increasing the professional competencies in working with the young people in the following subjects of interest: “Education for health”, “Prevention of alcohol consumption”, “Parental education”, “Prevention of people trafficking and domestic violence”, “Career counselling and guidance”, “School abandonment prevention”. Now they know how to support the students and, when needed, they know which services can be accessed in order to receive specialized support. The project budget was 2.454.933,99 lei, out of which 245.493,40 lei represents co-funding from partners and self-contribution. The project was financed within the call of proposals “SYNERGIES FOR THE FUTURE – young people at risk within the Program RO10 ”Children and young people at risk and local and regional initiatives for reducing national inequalities and for promoting social inclusion”, program developed within the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014. Due to the fact that the project ”Partnership for inclusion!” reached the most affected areas by the lack of social services, had a major impact and was correctly implemented, the financer accepted the prolongation of the funding for the following 6 months. For further details, please contact Mrs. Mihaela Munteanu, Director Of Development and Communication of ADV Romania, by e-mail: mihaela.munteanu@alaturidevoi.ro or by phone: 0740-513864.