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End of campaigns

In March 2016, the mobile caravancame in the 5 communities from Iasi and Vaslui again – Belcesti, Cozmesti, Falciu, Muntenii de Sus andPuiesti. The information sessions requested by the social actors from the communities focussed on the following themes: sexual education and prevention of sexually transmitted infections,prevention ofdomestic violence and alcohol consumption, career guidance. The approached themeswere interesting for the participants, the sessions were interactive and the specialists pointed out important elements regarding their responsibility when it comes to starting sexual activity and the protection against the sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, there were also discussions about aggressiveness and violence, with accent on preventing the pre-delinquent/delinquent behaviours that can result from violence. The sessions regarding « the prevention of alcohol consumption » were interactive and included exercises of question-answer type, games like “Myth or Truth” and the presentation of the conditions for consuming alcohol responsibly. The specialists noticed a very low level of information and also disinformation concerning the abuse of alcohol consumption and its consequences, especially on the physical health. Last, but not least, they could see the need of the young people to participate to activities related to « career guidance », to beguided for knowing themselves and their educational and professional direction. The feedback received from them showed that such activities are more than welcome. The specialists did not identify individual cases where additional help is needed, but they saw a general need of receiving support and information on this subject.