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Family…With Good and bad things!

During the week 4th-8th of July, the young beneficiaries of ADV Mures met in order to talk about family and the relationship between its members. Each one of them tried to explain the family notion, the members of the familyand the relationship between them etc. The hardest things to describe were the feelings that could appear inside a family and the occasions that determine them. The main role of the family that we identified was the support. They made an exercise and tried to imagine a day without their parents. Just one of the participants believed she could manage without them for a day, while other saw various problems that might occur, and one of the participants gave a big hug to his mother when she came to pick him up, after realizing how much she meant to him. Although we love our family, there is always a conflict between generations, with discontentment for both sides. At the end of the meeting, the youth wrote a letter to their parents where they mentioned what they appreciated about them, but also 3things they wanted to change.