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Fundatia „Alaturi de Voi” Romania

The “Alaturi de Voi” Romania Foundation has over 13 years of activity in the inclusion of people with disabilities, including HIV-infected people, having developed several types of services – from social and psychological assistance, to counseling and education, up to social economy. The initial experience of the organization is in the field of information and prevention of the HIV transmission, of other sexually transmitted infections and in the assistance of HIV-infected people. Since 2008, ADV Romania got involved in the field of employment of people with disabilities, of observation of their rights; the organization established three work insertion social enterprises in which were created 36 workplaces for people with disabilities. ADV Romania implemented so far over 50 projects, of which some had groups of partners, such as is the case of “Partnership for insertion” and “The Voice of NGOs for the Community”. The organization got very much involved in bringing together the NGO sector and in fighting for the development of social services. ADV Romania is an active member of several national coalitions and networks. In Iasi, the foundation developed a model of NGO coagulation – The NGO Committee; at the same time, our organization established and holds the Presidency of the Federation of Nongovernmental Organizations for Social Services. The experience in lobby and advocacy will serve in suggesting policies for assistance and intervention in crisis situations in rural areas. For further details, please access www.alaturidevoi.ro , www.utildeco.ro .

General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection Iasi


The General Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection Iasi is the main supplier of social services at county level. It is an institution which ensures that social assistance policies and strategies are applied in several fields: child and family protection, protection of people with disabilities, of elderly people, as well as the protection of other categories in risk situations. As public institution of interest at county level and being subordinated to the County Council, the institution is financed from funds of the State Budget. At the same time, activities are developed in accordance to the needs of the population of the Iasi County, established through the strategies proposed by the institution and approved by the Iasi County Council. The specialists employed here ensure the implementation of reforms in the field of social assistance, offering services in accordance to requirements imposed by standards in social assistance. In order to establish and diversify the services offered to disadvantaged children and adults from the Iasi County, the institution has accessed financing programs from the European Union and internal financing, gathering in time an impressive portfolio of successful programs. In order to accomplish attributions stipulated through legislation, the General Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection has the following functions: . Strategic – ensuring the elaboration of strategies in social assistance, the plan of social assistance in order to prevent and combat social marginalization, anti-poverty programs. All these lines of work are sent for approval to the County Council. • Coordination of activities of social assistance and child protection at county level; • Administration of funds at its disposal; • Collaboration with public decentralized service providers of ministries and institutions with responsibilities in the field of social assistance as well as with representatives of the civil society developing activities in the field; • Execution, through ensuring human, material and financial means for implementing strategies regarding antipoverty measures, preventing and combating social marginalization, as well as for solving individual and collective social emergencies at county level; • Representation of the County Council, both inside and outside the county, in the field of social assistance and child.

What services we offer?

The General Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection offers: • services for child protection • services of social assistance for adults in difficulty


The GDSACP Iasi developed in the past several years different partnerships with the civil society, thus contributing to increasing the impact in the community of social services. The collaboration aims both at developing one-time collaborations and at involving the governmental sector in strategic planning, decision-making transparency and periodical evaluation of the situation of social assistance in the Iasi county. In the past several years, the collaboration of our institution with the civil society took place within a structured dialogue, through the NGO Committee, activating since 2011 in the Iasi county. The County Strategy for Development of Social Services for 2014 – 2020 and the social inclusion strategy have been both discussed and approved with in the committee.

Where are we?

Iasi, number 57A, Vasile Lupu Street, Iasi County, zip code 700309 Phone number: 004- 0232/477731; Fax: 004-0232/279654 E-mail: dasiasi@iasi.rdsmail.ro

General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection, Vaslui


Mission: Ensure the provision of social services permanently or temporarily, with or without accommodation, developing partnerships with public and private institutions with the view to diversifying social services in order to achieve protection of children, the elderly, people with disabilities and others in need.

Purpose: General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Vaslui ensures the achievement of welfare measures for the protection of children, families, the elderly, people with disabilities, as well as any people in need, according to government strategies in child protection and people with disabilities adopted and implemented according to Vaslui county priorities.

Implemented projects: In the past 10 years, the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Vaslui filed and managed the successful implementation of 30 projects funded by the EU ( pre and post- accession instruments ) and other financiers (EBRD , etc. ) performed both nationally and across borders. In this respect, we emphasize some data sustaining the above mentioned information: - The General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection has implemented 30 grant projects of which 13 Phare projects, 2 POSDRU projects and 1 OP ACD project; - Through the implemention of the 30 grant projects were developed, 27 services were created for the assistance of the following categories of beneficiaries: children with disabilities, adult people with disabilities, the elderly, children at risk, mothers and children prone to family abandonment, victims of domestic violence, victims of human trafficking .

All these elements show that the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Vaslui knows in detail the technical and financial procedures of the European funds. However, through the projects that participated in, the organization gained substantial experience in the management of partnerships, also in transnational cooperation projects with entities from the Republic of Moldova, Italy, France, active in various fields and covering a broad spectrum of society including social services and training services .

Provision of social services

Target group:  children and families at risk ( abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned)  children and adults with disabilities  children who benefit from a special protection measures  victims of human trafficking  old people unable to care for themselves  pregnant and single mothers prone to abandonment  victims of family violence

Type of services offered

 Day care services for children  Recovery and rehabilitation services for children and adult people  Counselling services for children and their families/ legal representatives  Residential services for children, adults with disabilities and the elderly  Family-type services for children  Home care services for adult people  Adoptions

Types of benefits provided  Benefits of social care for people with special needs

Contact address: No. 1 Șoseaua Națională Vaslui-Iași Street, postcode 730003, Vaslui town, Vaslui county

Phone: +40235-315138

E-mail: office@dgaspc-vs.ro

Web: www.dgaspc-vs.ro

Type of organization: public institution

Day/month/year of establishment: 01/01/2005

First name & last name of the manager:

General manager – Mr. Ionel Armeanu-Ștefănică

Alternative Sociale Association

sigla altenative sociale

Alternative Sociale Association is a nongovernmental organization, established în 1997, în Iași, Romania and its mission is to defend and promote human rights through prevention, assistance, training, research and advocacy activities. În present, the organization’s main domains of activity are: • Reducing the negative effects of migration amongst children, youngsters and their family members; • Preventing and combatting human trafficking; • Assisting children of prisoners; • Vocational orientation of pupils; • Preventing alcohol abuse; • Assisting children of divorced parents. According to its mission, in these domains of activity, Alternative Sociale develops researches of the social phenomena, professional training for specialists, direct assistance of beneficiaries etc. Within the project ”Partnership for inclusion!”, Alternative Sociale Association offers psychosocial services to 50 youngsters separated from one or both parents and their family members, from Iași county, for preventing and/or diminishing the negative effects of separation. For more information about Alternative Sociale Association, you can access the organization’s website: www.alternativesociale.ro.

Save the Children Association Iasi Branch

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Save the Children Romania is a nongovernmental, public utility, non-profit organization which fights for children's rights and child protection in Romania since 1990. Save the Children Association Iasi Branch acts on children's rights and for a change of policy and legislation for the benefit of children, organizing public awareness campaigns and supporting children in need. Our vision is a world in which all children's rights are respected.

Counseling Parents Center- Save the Children Association Iasi Branch, is offering support and assistance, evaluation and counseling services for parents who want to support child’s cognitively, socially and emotionally healthy development, for parents whose children have behavioral, social and emotional difficulties (sadness, aggression, tantrums and anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder), for parents who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression. Also, these services are addressed to families in crisis –separation, divorce, chronic illness, to children and adolescents who are at risk and to professionals (pediatricians, psychiatrists, family doctors, teachers etc.).

Based on positive discipline, parental counseling program is promoting mental health, well-being and quality of life for vulnerable children and adolescents and their families. It aims to offer support, strategies and techniques for parents so that they can identify the best ways to communicate with children, to be able to understand their child according to his developmental stage, to be able to identify the most appropriate answers to behaviors such as aggression, school refusal, tantrums, lack of cooperation, breaking the rules and daily routine. In the same vein, the parental counseling program aims to recognize and successfully manage risk situations that may be less obvious, such as sadness, anxiety, difficulty of separation, interaction problems with other children and to improve their individual skills to cope with parenthood in a healthy and appropriate manner.

In addition to these services, the team consisting of psychologists, psychiatrist, lawyer, pedagogue and social workers, provides assessment and therapy services for children- individually or in group, family counseling, legal advice, consultancy to professionals for monitoring detected cases, training for professionals in various areas (positive discipline, life skills development, etc.)

Counseling Parents Center, Save the Children Association Iasi Branch Bulevardul Chimiei, nr. 35, Bl F1-2, Sc. A3 Tel: +40 232 211 726 Fax: +40 232 222726 ccp.iasi@salvaticopiii.ro



Mission: We act long-lastingly for the social inclusion of vulnerable children and young people. Object of activity: Provider of social services assistance and support for vulnerable children and young people. Since 1996, over 1,000 vulnerable children and young people received support services for integration in school, society or labor market. A constant priority in our work are the actions contributing to the development of life skills and increase social competencies of children and young people from orphanages or living in disavantaged families.

Date de contact:

Street Clopotari no 38, bl 673, sc. A, ground floor , apartment 3, postal 700724, Romania Iaşi County, Tel/Fax: 0232/215450; e-mail: office@fundatiacote.ro Web: www.fundatiacote.ro, www.abilitatideviata.ro, www.ma-implic.ro

For more information visit our web pages.

Bethany Social Services Foundation

sigla bethany vector_c1311

Iasi zonal office was involved from 2002 until 2012 in projects dedicated to vulnerable young people from foster care placements or disadvantaged environments.

Bethany Social Services Foundation has developed 5 projects during 2002-2006 for the social and professional integration of 670 young people from foster care placements in Iaşi, Vaslui, Neamţ and Bacău. For these young people were provided life skills training sessions, counseling and career guidance, mentoring, job fairs, trainings (qualification courses), family reintegration.

Bethany Social Services Foundation expanded its intervention to young people and adolescents with behavioral problems by implementing the project Give meaning to your life! - Integrated program of life skills for children and young delinquents. The project services: counseling, occupational therapy, life skills, motivational camp, competitions and artistic skills development modules, aimed at preparing young people and adolescents for the life after detention and rehabilitation center.

In 2009 and 2010 FSSB expanded the intervention area for youth by developing projects to prevent risk behaviors for the mental health and the life of pre-adolescents and youth in Iasi, by developing projects such as I'm here! Talk to me! (for preventing depression in pre-adolescents and adolescents) and SOS! Choose life! (to prevent depression and suicide in young teenagers).

For providing integrated health and social services for at-risk population groups the Promotion Centres of Welfare for Adults and Children Project in Iaşi and Timiş developed for adolescents these services: -information on high-risk behaviors and dependence (information sessions in schools, youth involvement in performing a research on their lifestyle, publishing a guide to keeping a healthy lifestyle) -counseling to develop healthy behaviors -group educational activities -developing leadership skills to participate in public life and to express opinions on health care and environmental protection

Other services provided by Bethany Social Services Foundation: -psychosocial assistance for children and families in need in the recovery center for disabled children and youth: social assistance, psychological and social counseling, speech therapy, physiotherapy, cognitive and sensory stimulation, occupational therapy, ludotherapy, social action. The volunteer center for disabled children: training volunteers in the area of disability, volunteer placement in institutions and organizations that work with children with disabilities.

Involving as a partner in the project "Partnership for Inclusion":

- Psychosocial counseling services for 50 young people with behavioral problems, addictions and chronic diseases (individual and group counseling, thematic support groups , occupational therapy, involvement in volunteer activities, individual support in the socio-educational and professional integration - guidance , counseling, information, developing skills required in career, professional potential assessment, information on how to keep a healthy lifestyle, life skills). -Participation in forming and implementing activities within the mobile team in Iaşi

Date de contact: Fundația Serviciilor Sociale Bethany - Biroul zonal Iași Str. Varianta Uzinei nr.1, CP 700013 Telefon: 0232/27.98.56 Telenon/fax: 0232/27.85.35 e-mail: diana.paius@bethany.ro www.bethany.ro

World Vision Romania

logo WVRo_corel

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization working through development programs, advocacy and emergency humanitarian relief so that children could benefit of education, health, participation and spiritual nurture. We are dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision Romania (WVR) officially began its mission in Romania in 1990 and we are now developing programs in Bucharest and in the following counties: Cluj, Dolj, Iaşi, Ialomiţa, Vâlcea and Vaslui. Over the past 25 years we have supported more than 500.000 children and adults from 400 rural communities through 272 projects.

In the past years, World Vision Romania has implemented many projects funded with grants from the EU. Part of these projects are for social inclusion and serve for: establishing social inclusion centers for 1200 youths and adults (Inclusive Project), career counseling, qualification and requalification courses for employees coming from Center, North-West, North-East, South-West, South-East, South-West, Bucharest and Ilfov (The Handicrafts Shop), instructing pupils from schools to gain improved practical abilities, to be competitive and adapt to the requests of agricultural market and food industry (The pupil of today, the farmer of tomorrow), organizing informing and counseling sessions, as well as classes for manual weaving, working in touristic pensions and entrepreneurship for 1900 people and supporting 200 projects to become a dream come true (Made in Rural), counseling and career orientation for 550 pupils from South West (E.D.I. Pupils), preventing and reducing school drop-out through catechetic lessons for more than 30.000 children (Choose School! in partnership with the Romanian Orthodox Patriarchy). In addition, through long term community development programs World Vision Romania is currently working for 20.000 children through 50 on-going projects.

Contact us

World Vision Romania 222 Sărărie Street, Iași Postal code 700452, Iași County Phone/ Fax 0232. 233. 906. Mobile phone:0372 744 694 Website: www.worldvision.ro Area manager: Magdalena Cămănaru

"Star of Hope" Romania Foundation

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"Star of Hope" Romania Foundation is a nongovernmental and apolitical organization, based on Christian principles and values. Member of the "Star of Hope International" Sweden organization, it has been present in Romania for more than 25 years, with its headquarters in Iasi. The mission of the "Star of Hope" Romania Foundation is to improve the lives of children in need, especially children with disabilities. Throughout the 25 years,"Star of Hope" Romania Foundation managed to help over 10,000 abandoned and disabled children from families at risk of abandonment to have a better life. „Star of Hope” Vision is: Children in responsible families with equal access to play, education and development in community. Mission: ”Star of Hope” Romania helps the children in need to have a better life, to grow and develop in a climate full of dignity and trust, which values the human being. The goal of activities which ”Star of Hope” Romania is developing, is to support children in difficulty, especially the ones with disabilities. Objectives: • Rehabilitation and integration for children with disabilities • Parents' empowerment and organizational development for parents association • Changing community mentality toward children with disabilities • Family and school abandonment prevention The Foundation has established 6 Day Care Centers for children in need and children with disabilities for the recovery and prevention of family abandon and school dropout in the northeast region of Romania, namely Botosani (2), Dorohoi, Iasi, Barlad, Vaslui and Huşi, which sum up over 500 beneficiaries. In 2014, "Star of Hope"Romania founded The Federation of Organizations of Parents who have children with disabilities in the NE region of Romania, through a project funded by CJ Iasi by the 350/2005 Law. Contact Address: Bariera Veche St. no.3, Iasi (behind Granit building) Phone: 0232-216253 Fax:0232-215161 E-mail: office@starofhope.ro Facebook: www.facebook.com/star.of.hope.ro