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Education for Life in the High Schools of Iasi

During the period November 16th – 20th 2015, the specialists of the mobile caravan organized information campaigns in two high schools from Iasi - „I.C. Stefanescu” Technical College, Iasi and “Mihail Kogalniceanu” High School, Miroslava. The information sessions were part of the project “Partnership for inclusion!” and focused on the following subjects: sexual education, prevention of domestic violence and human trafficking. Extremely interested in the presented subjects, most of the youth wanted to find answers regarding the protection against unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, and also concerning the integration into the society of the people who were legally punished. The specialists talked to the 412 young people about the causes of violence, about the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that accompany violence and supported them in identifying alternative methods of solving conflicts, in expressing emotions and communicating. The young people contributed to shaping the victim and aggressor portrait and made the transition to the human trafficking issue. Last but not least, the young people could watch two videos – one about the HIV/AIDS issue and the other about domestic violence. The videos had a strong emotional impact and the participants became aware of the importance of preventing and assuming behaviour without risk.