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Education for life in the rural communities

“What are the causes and effects of school abandonment?”, “What are the advantages of education?”, “Where should we look for jobs?”, “How can I find out if the proposed job/company is safe for me?”, “Which are the steps for obtaining the European allowance?” – these are only several of the subjects tapped by the participants to the information sessions developed by the experts of the mobile caravan during the period August 11th -21st 2015.  On the project “Partnership for inclusion!”, the mobile caravan developed information campaigns in 8 communes from Iasi and Vaslui Counties - Ciortesti, Dagata, Dragomiresti, Dolhesti, Ivanesti, Laza, Puscasi and Tansa,  on the following themes: sexual education, parental education, prevention of domestic violence, children with parents working abroad, career guidance, prevention of alcohol consumption, prevention of school abandonment and rights of the people with disabilities. Extremely active during the information sessions, the young people requested to receive information on contraceptive methods, medical treatments, but also ways of preventing risky situations. The ways by which the HIV infection is NOT being transmitted was also a very interesting subject for them. On the other hand, for the adults present to the meetings, respectively parents, the parental education was a well-received theme; they talked to the specialists about positively disciplining their children and asked for advice regarding the efficacy of rewarding children. Last, but least, the participants requested and received information on the rights of people with disabilities, the necessary steps for obtaining the European allowance for children, the steps for verifying the credibility of the work offers on the free market and information on monitoring the files of criminal investigations in cases of violent crimes.