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Positive Discipline – Model for the teachers

„I appreciated the interactivity, the methods used for knowing the participants, the techniques used for validating emotions, the knowledge techniques”, “I learned how to efficiently react when I meet aggressive behaviours in school”, “The received information was captivating” – these are opinions gathered during the period 24-27 February 2016 from the teachers from Iasi who participated to the third training course of a total of 4 courses offered to teachers from Iasi and Vaslui counties, stipulated on the project “Partnership for inclusion”. The “Parental education”course was held by the specialists of “SalvatiCopiii” Association from Iasi and approached subjects such as: positive discipline, child behaviour – mirror of the feedback received from the people around – model A, B and C, mistake- context for learning, developing desirable behaviour in the classroom, ways of intervening in the classroom and at home etc.   At the end of the course, the teachers declared they managed to understand the operating mechanism of the positive discipline in general and of theinappropriate behaviours in particular, that they know andcan adopt action strategies that canbe used immediately in concrete situations and that, furthermore, they hve the possibility to inform and teach the parents with whom they work the strategies and positive techniques for approaching inappropriate behaviours of children.