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Personal development at ADV Mures

This week, the young people that attend the Youth Club of ADV Mures, but also the young people from CITO Capusul de Campie, participated to a series of activities meant to stimulate creativity and to improve the communication skills. One of the activities was to develop manual skills and creativity, by transforming a glass jar in a vase with flowers, by using paper serviette. The meeting was full of colour and good will, being combined with discussions about love and friendship. The young people from the Centre Capusu de Campie participated to activities meant to increase the group cohesion, to facilitate interpersonal knowledge and to reduce interpersonal conflicts. Furthermore, due to the fact that these young people always spend their time together, the ADV specialists have planned activities in order to help them increase their tolerance level. Thus, the young people have interacted by playing communication games and at in the final part, they split up in 4 groups and each group painted a drawing with a theme established by casting lots.