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About Violence and Sex

„How does violence appear?”, „What does the mask of violence hide?”, „What can you do when a child is repeatedly abused, with no reason ?”, “What is the proper age for starting the sexual life?”, “What motivates me to find a job?” – these were some of the participants’ questions to which the specialists answered, at the information sessions held by the experts of the mobile caravans during the period 11-22 January 2016. The information sessions were held as part of the project “Partnership for inclusion!” in 12 communes of Iasi county: Braesti, Bals, Ciorohani, Draguseni, Fantanele, Focuri, Harmanesti, Letcani, Roscani, Scheia, Tiganasi and ValeaLupului. The subjects approached by the specialists of the mobile caravan were chosen according to the needs of information: sexual education, prevention of domestic violence, prevention of alcohol consumption, prevention of school abandonment and prevention of people trafficking. The young people were open, willing to find out new things and to build better lives. During the group meetings, the participants received the themes with interest and the sessions were spiced with games like “My life’s journey” and “The story of alcohol”. The things that impressed them the most were the case studies presented by the specialists and the short movies.