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The project ”Partnership for inclusion!” is implemented for 22 months (December 2014 – October 2016) by a group of 9 institutions – The “Alaturi de Voi” Romania Foundation – promoter, in partnership with the Department of Child Protection and Social Assistance from Iasi and Vaslui, the Social Alternatives Association, the Save the Children Association, the Children on the Edge Foundation, the Bethany Foundation for Social Services and the World Vision Romania Foundation, the offices from Iasi and Vaslui. The goal of the project – Social and professional integration of young people of ages between 16-29 from groups at risk from the Iasi, Vaslui, Constanta and Mures counties, especially from rural areas. The project beneficiaries are:
  • 560 young people at risk of social exclusion, of which 66 of Rroma origin from the Iasi, Vaslui, Constanta and Mures counties,
  • 200 young people (16-29 years), 8700  children (3-15 years) and 1740 parents / legal representatives from rural areas from 93 communes from the Iasi county and from 81 communes of the Vaslui county.
What do we offer through the project?
  • 9 new services developed through the project by the partner organizations: counseling, professional orientation and counseling, social and psychological assistance for preventing and combating the effects of abuse, development of parental abilities among young people, development of independent life skills and mediation on the labor market, psychological and social support for young people with behavior deficiencies, addictions and chronic diseases, development of independent life skills through the Youth Club, including for young people with disabilities, psychological, social and educational counseling; Establishing and developing the Preparation, placement and work assistance agency for young people from vulnerable groups(internship and jobcoaching) - created by ADV Romania; creating a service for independent life skills development for young people coming from ethnic groups within the Integrated services Centre  in Murgeni, Vaslui county.
  • Information and education services with respect to: sexually transmitted infections, preventing the HIV infection and drug use, sexual and contraceptive education, preventing violence and human trafficking, equality of chances, parental education, school abandonment, career orientation and social and professional integration, entrepreneurship and voluntarism, association for solving community problems directly in rural areas through a pilot service for prevention, information and diagnosis – Multidisciplinary mobile caravans in rural areas.
What will we achieve through the project?
  • Capacity building for 100 social workers and 100 teachers from the 174 communes of the Iasi and Vaslui counties in fields to directly support them in offering quality services for young people at risk.   
  • We will establish a committee for monitoring and rapid intervention for better coordination and reference for social cases.
  • Under the coordination of the Departments of Child Protection and Social Assistance from Iasi and Vaslui we will urge the achievement of the Annual Plan of social services, stipulated as obligation in the Law of Social Assistance.
The public – private partnership created within the project will continue 5 years after the financing will have ended, will increase the capacity to work as a network, will train specialists in different fields of activity, and will contribute to the development policies, strategies and adequate measures in the field of services for young people at risk. The project value, initial grant and the PLUS financing facilitation, is 3.559.231,01 lei, of which 355.923,10 lei will be ensured by the partners as own contribution on the project. The project is financed within the call “Synergies for the future – children at risk” within the program RO10 “Children and young people at risk and local and regional initiatives to lower national inequalities and promote social inclusion”, developed within the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA) 2009-2014.