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On Abilities

Today, the 4th of July, at the day care centre of ADV Romania we talked with the young people with disabilities about abilities: what do the abilities represent, how important it is to know our own abilities, to know what we are good at and on what we should work in order to improve our abilities. We noticed that few young people admitted they were good at something. They have a very low self-confidence and trust in their capacity of doing things, but despite this, they still wish to work. In order to help them develop their manual abilities, we made together two dolls from cardboard and coloured paper, by using techniques like cutting or sticking. Expressions like : “I can’t do this!”, “I don’t do it right!”, “I made an error!”, “I don’t know what to do!” came out very often during the activity, but by receiving repeated encouragements, the young people managed to overcome the difficult moments and created two beautiful dolls. They also understood that they can succeed through perseverance.