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Courses for the social assistants

”The games were very inspired and were used in the most appropriate moments”, “the learning methods will be useful for me in the future, when I shall put them into practice at my job, but they will also be useful in my family life”, “all these days were extraordinary and the course will be very helpful in the future. Thank you for your work and devotion!” – these are several impressions gathered from the 29 social assistants who participated to the third training course, of the series of four courses addressed to the social assistants from Iasi and Vaslui Counties, on the project “Partnership for inclusion!”   The course was developed during the period November 18th – 21st 2015 in Voronet, Suceava County, with the purpose of training the specialists in the social field (the social assistants from Iasi County) regarding the parental education. The participants were trained by the specialists of Star of Hope Romania Foundation. The 29 participants received information on: developing emotional intelligence of children, parental styles, stress and anger management, efficient methods of communicating with children (alternative communication, 5 love languages, the power of words: “I”- type messages) and positive discipline. The social assistants were actively involved in all the proposed exercises and came up with new and constructive ideas. The entire training was held for developing abilities of generating ideas and identifying proper solutions for each context in working with parents. Some of the participants declared that, starting 2016, they would hold parental education courses themselves. After evaluating the training session, the specialists could conclude that the participants appreciated the course structure, the used methods and materials, the organization, the interactive games, the team work, the way the information was presented by the trainers, the movies, the free discussions, the received information and the accommodation.