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Self-knowledge through education

„How do I talk to my mother and father about sex?”, „How come there are people who graduated a faculty and cannot find jobs?” and „How do I find out what profession is best for me?” –  were the main questions to which the experts of the mobile caravan answered, during the campaigns organized in 8 schools in the communes of Vaslui County  – Blagesti, Bogdana, Bogdanesti, Bogdanita, Ibanesti and Voinesti, during the period November 2nd – 6th 2015. The information sessions developed on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” focused on the themes: sexual education, career guidance and prevention of school abandonment.   Within the sessions on sexual education and school abandonment prevention, the young people, very dutiful and willing to find out as many new things as possible, received information on the natural changes in their bodies and on the importance of taking decisions in order to reduce the behaviour at risk. In addition to this, due to the fact that most of the children admitted that they didn’t talk about sexuality in their families, the specialists presented them the best ways they could discuss to their parents about sexual education.   The career guidance theme aroused the attention of the young people interested in choosing a profession. For this purpose, the specialists talked to the youth about making decisions and building a career planning, and about the connection between who we are and the profession we choose.