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The information campaigns continue to be organized in Iasi and Vaslui

“I graduated 12 grades, I don’t have any experience, I raised two children, but now I want to work. What can I do? From where should I start?”, “Where should I look for a job?”, “Is the positive reward when educating children?”, “How do we cultivate respect?” How do we teach children to show us respect?”, “How do we tell children that they have different paternity?”, “How can we talk to a 9/10/13 years old child about sexual education?”, “How is the HIV being transmitted?”, “Which are the symptoms of menopause?” – these are several of the curiosities of the participants to the information sessions developed by the experts of the mobile caravan during the period August 3rd -5th 2015.   On the project “Partnership for inclusion!”, the mobile caravan developed in 5 communes from Iasi and Vaslui Counties (Fruntiseni, Grivita, Popricani, Pochidia and Tutova) information sessions on the following themes: prevention of school abandonment, career guidance, prevention of human trafficking, sexual and contraceptive education, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases/infections. If the youth were very impressed by the human trafficking issue and proved to have a high level of information in terms of sexual education, the adults were the ones who shared to the specialists their daily problems – the lack of jobs and the need of identifying solutions for ensuring financial independence to their families, raising and educating children so that the parents-children relationship would be harmonious, and also the need of knowing methods that would help them prevent their children to get involved in risky situations. The experts of the mobile caravan were called by a medical assistant from the community, in order to develop in one of the communes campaigns on sexual and contraceptive education and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and infections in from of the pupils from 7th and 8th grades in the schools from the commune. These sessions will begin after the start of 2015-2016 school year. You can see photos of the information campaigns here.