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Education for Health

During the period 2-5 March 2016, ”Alaturi de Voi” Romania Foundation is organizing the training course for 25 teachers from the communes of Vaslui county, on the subject “Education for Health”. Thus, our organization wishes to teach the professors to contribute to the education for health and for diminishing the risk

Positive Discipline – Model for the teachers

„I appreciated the interactivity, the methods used for knowing the participants, the techniques used for validating emotions, the knowledge techniques”, “I learned how to efficiently react when I meet aggressive behaviours in school”, “The received information was captivating” – these are opinions gathered during the period 24-27 February 2016 from

End of course, in Constanta

8 young beneficiaries of the project „Partnership for inclusion” have graduated the course of initiation in computer science, held during the period November 2015 – January 2016, at the ADV Romania centre from Constanta. Supported by the trainers, the young people learned to identify various computer components, to use the keyboard

Initiation course finalized successfully, in Mures

At the end of January 2016, 7 young people belonging to vulnerable groups graduated the course of initiation in computer science, held during the period November 2015 – January 2016, at the ADV Romania centre from Mures. Guided step by step by the trainer from ADV Romania, the young people learned

Learning how to produce change

„What do you do for the children who don’t have enough cloths to wear, or food, or for those who have to walk kilometres in order to get to school?”, ”How do you fight against indifference or  the irresponsibility of the parents who don’t see the reasons for which they

Support for the teaching staff

„I found out it is a lot easier to give up to the classical structure of presenting the notions and to establish a day before what you can change to your course in order to make it more pleasant and efficient. Changing the way of working with the pupils will

Training and partnership

During the period November 25th – 28th, ADV Romania organized the last training course at Voronet, Suceava County, of the series of four courses addressed to the social assistants from Iasi and Vaslui, on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” The course had the objective of training the specialists in the social

Courses for the social assistants

”The games were very inspired and were used in the most appropriate moments”, “the learning methods will be useful for me in the future, when I shall put them into practice at my job, but they will also be useful in my family life”, “all these days were extraordinary and

Initiation in using the computer

Yesterday, on the 11th of November 2015, 7 young people from the Centre of Recovery and Rehabilitation of the People with Disabilities from Budai started the computer course at ADV Romania, Iasi Centre. Under the guidance of Mrs. Doina Filipescu, the trainer of this course, the youth discovered that the

Life without alcohol – a target of …Social Assistance

”During the presentations, the importance of the social assistant profession was emphasized and we felt valorised and appreciated”, “We appreciate the well-structured program and the way the themes were approached by the trainers: role play, interactive activities, free discussions” and “the trainers were very involved, diplomats, good professionals, with special