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Informing sessions in schools from Vaslui

During 20th of September- 6th of October, the mobile caravan went to schools and high schools in Vaslui county: Husi, Muntenii de Sus, Padureni and Suletea. In these places, over 400 young people received information about sexual education, alcohol consumption, violence prevention and human trafficking, career counseling. The information received by the young

Mobile caravan in Iasi penitentiary

During 18th of August and 08th of Septembrie 2016, the mobile caravan reached the young men that are inprisoned, in Iasi penitentiary. Thus, during 17 informing campaigns, the young people imprisoned learned about healt education - prevention of STDs, prevention of alcohol abuse and prevention of violence.

Mobile caravan in orphanages

On 26th of July and 04th of August 2016, the mobile caravans specialists went to 4 orphanages in Iasi county, were they had a series of informing sessions about sexual and health education, human trafficking prevention and violence prevention.

Going back to inform

During 21st of June and 5th of July 2016, the mobile caravan experts went back to Tg Frumos city in Iasi county, Murgeni and Negresti cities in Vaslui county, places were they held informing sessions for more than 300 young people, about sexual and health education, STDs prevention, alcohol abuse prevention

Information Campaigns in Pascani

During the period 13th-17thof June 2016, the experts of the mobile caravan visited two high schools fromPascani, Iasi county, where they held informationcampaigns on the following themes”Sexual education and prevention of sexually transmitted infections”, “Alcohol use prevention”, “Prevention of violence and people trafficking” and “Career guidance”. In both high schools, the

Young people… more aware

During 31st of May and 10th of June 2016, the mobile caravan made three stops in Iasi and Vaslui counties - Cotnari, Zorleni and Vetrisoaia communes. There, the specialist talked with the beneficiaries about health and sexual education, carrer orientation/choices, bullying prevention and human trafficking prevention. In each commune, the caravan found young

Greater interes for (in)forming

On 24th-26th of May 2016, the experts of the mobile caravan went to Victoria and Tibanesti communes, in Iasi county, and held informing campaigns about Alcohol abuse prevention, Sexual education and STDs prevention, Violence and human trafficking prevention, Profesional orientation.  Almost 300 young people, out of which 55 of rroma ethnicity,

End of campaigns

In March 2016, the mobile caravancame in the 5 communities from Iasi and Vaslui again – Belcesti, Cozmesti, Falciu, Muntenii de Sus andPuiesti. The information sessions requested by the social actors from the communities focussed on the following themes: sexual education and prevention of sexually transmitted infections,prevention ofdomestic violence and