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The mobile caravan takes the information from village to village

She is 17 years old and she is the only one from the 44 young people with whom we have talked, who said that she had never consumed alcohol. “Mrs., do you consume alcohol?” – asked another young man, at the end of the campaign information. He, as many other young men, cannot understand how one can live without alcohol; they are even revolted by the fact that they need to wait until they are 18 years old to be permitted to consume alcohol. These are reactions that the specialists from the Mobile Caravane meet during the campaigns developed during the period 12-19 May 2016, in Iasi and Vaslui. We did not talk only about the prevention of alcohol use, but also about domestic violence and sexual education.  The last theme was especially solicited at the “Stefan cel Mare” Technological High School Codaesti, where there is a big incidence of pregnant young girls, at this very moment a student in the 9th grade being pregnant. The same community requested our help in another serious issue: children and young people that, after love disappointments resort to extreme decisions (leave their domicile, consume alcohol excessively, become violent, commit suicide). The mobile team talked with 672 young people – stopping at Raducaneni, Iasi, at  “Lascar Rosetti” Theoretical High School, in the Vladia, Dragomiresti village, Codaesti, Vaslui. The campaigns “Career guidance” and “School abandonment prevention” were also very interesting, where the discussions were animated by the pro and against positions adopted by the students at the suggestion of the Mobile Caravan specialists. The mobile caravan will continue to travel through the rural localities from Iasi and Vaslui counties in order to bring as much information as possible in the places where only the class master and, absolutely occasionally, the social assistant manage to discuss with the young people about these subjects.