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Recreation in Tg Mures

The young beneficiaries from Tg Mures ADV Centre participated, this week, at a series of entertainment activities that included watching romanian movies and playing cards. As usual, each activity came with a debate about life principles or situations that need to be explored. The solutions identified will help them in their

Informing sessions in schools from Vaslui

During 20th of September- 6th of October, the mobile caravan went to schools and high schools in Vaslui county: Husi, Muntenii de Sus, Padureni and Suletea. In these places, over 400 young people received information about sexual education, alcohol consumption, violence prevention and human trafficking, career counseling. The information received by the young

Informing session at Tg Mures

This week, beneficiaries of the day centre of ADV Mures participated at informing activities and occupational therapy activities. The informing sessions were about children home alone-that have parents working abroad. The beneficiaries learned about ways to support these children. The occupational therapy session was about continuing work at the carpet startedt in

The three, throughout seasons

During 26th and 29th of September 2016, young beneficiaries of ADV Constanta centre continues the activities meant for them to better understand the seasons. These activities were enrolled with the purpose to aid beneficiaries in developing and strenghthening of memory, observation skills, cognitive and language abilities.

Therapy, through recreation, in Tg Mures

During 19th-23rd of September 2016, the young beneficiaries of the ADV Mures centre participated at recreative and occupational theraphy activities. Besides watching animated films, the beneficiaries started working at a rug, made out of used materials, disscusing with the specialists about the importance of recycling. Also, the activity aimed to improve manual