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Social assistants visiting NGOs from Iasi

On the 5th of August 2015, took place the third visit to the NGOs - project partners - paid by the social assistants/workers from 12 rural communities of Iasi county, on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” This study visit provided to the specialists the possibility of connecting the beneficiaries from the communes to resources from fields specific to social services. Moreover, the activity facilitated the work in partnership on case management and even on developing punctual initiatives in the social services area. The social assistants visited the headquarters of Bethany Foundation of Social Services, the headquarters of Salvati Copiii Organization and Star of Hope Romania Foundation, where they found out information on the services and models of social assistance of these NGOs, and also of COTE Foundation (a representative of this NGO was present to the visit study). The participants shared their professional experience, and told the participants how, after continuous counselling, they managed to diminish the number of beneficiaries of social aid in the commune, about the increasing number of situations of school abandonment after graduating the 2nd grade, about the cases of violence and abuse on children, and also about the big number of minor mothers in the rural communities. Many of these problems are generated by the lack of education of parents; often, they accept extremely bad situations, delinquent behavior, abuse, as being natural. The social assistants drew the attention on the fact that, currently in our society, a future generation of analphabet and uneducated people, with no perspectives, is taking shape. Images from the study visits can be seen here.