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Social assistants from Vaslui visiting the NGOs from Iasi

On the 24th of June, social assistants from Vaslui communes visited the NGOs from Iasi and Negresti which are partners on the project “Partnership for inclusion!”. This was a good occasion to get information on their projects and activities and to find new ways of professional collaboration. This is the second study visit organized on this project, after the visit which took place on the 18th of June 2015, when the social assistants from the communes of Iasi county had the occasion to see the models of assistance of Bethany Foundation for Social Services, Alternative Sociale Association and Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation. This time, in Vaslui, the social assistants visited the headquarters of World Vision Organization and received information on the programs developed by the foundation. 9 members of World Vision Organization were present at the meeting, answered punctually to the participants’ questions and talked about both their direct experience with beneficiaries, but also about the impact of the developed activities and the change they brought in the community. The social assistants present to the event shared aspects regarding their relationship with beneficiaries and with other institutions. After being asked if there are any NGOs operating in their communities, only a participant answered affirmative. The social assistants appreciated the project “Partnership for inclusion!” as a connection for a better collaboration between the public and private institutions. They have also mentioned that there are many needs in the community and very few resources: financial, human etc. In Iasi, the 14 social assistants visited ADV Romania Foundation and received information about the services of the foundation for supporting people with disabilities, including HIV/AIDS, the counselling offer for teenagers and immigrants. Furthermore, they received information on the importance of social economy and sheltered employment for the inclusion of the vulnerable groups and visited Util Deco social enterprise. Mrs. Manuela Nita from Alternative Sociale Association Iasi presented the services that could be accessed by the social assistants for the cases of the community – especially assistance for the migrants’ children and for the children with imprisoned parents.   During the meeting, the specialists mentioned that though this project, the partners committed to offer support to special cases, so they can request assistance. The project “Partnership for inclusion” is developed by a consortium of 9 institutions:  – Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation -  applicant, in partnership with: The General Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection Iasi, The General Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection Vaslui, Alternative Sociale Association, Salvati Copiii Association, COTE Foundation, Bethany Foundation of Social Services, Star of Hope Romania Foundation and World Vision Romania Foundation, the offices from Iasi and Vaslui. The project budget is 2.454.933,99 RON, out of which 245.493,40 RON will be ensured by the project partners and self-contribution. The project was financed within the call of proposals “SYNERGIES FOR THE FUTURE – young people at risk within the Program RO10 ”Children and young people at risk and local and regional initiatives for reducing national inequalities and for promoting social inclusion”, program developed within the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.