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Specialized Assistance offered in the rural communities

“What does the system of protection mean in cases of victims of domestic violence?”, “How should I provide support to my children?”, “What should I do so that they wouldn’t give up on school?” – these are several of the issues approached by the  participants at the information sessions developed by the experts of the mobile caravan, during the period August 10th – 14th 2015. On the project “Partnership for inclusion!”, the mobile caravan developed information campaigns in 8 communes from Iasi and Vaslui Counties – Costesti, Helesteni, Malusteni, Muntenii de Jos, Probota, Ruginoasa, Trifesti and Vindereni, on the following themes: sexual education, parental education, prevention of domestic violence, career guidance, prevention of alcohol use and prevention of school abandonment. An extremely debated subject by the 120 participants was domestic violence, an extremely spread phenomenon in the rural communities, according to the experts of the mobile caravan.  Besides, after finishing the information sessions, the specialists of Alternative Social Association took a case in their custody. Furthermore, the experts of the mobile caravan received with enthusiasm the participation of the public authorities’ representatives to the information campaigns. The Chief Commissary Ioan Macovei from Vaslui County Police Inspectorate participated to the campaigns, offering specific information in the field of juvenile delinquency/crime. There were also other police agents, vice-mayors, teaching staff who participated to the sessions.