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Spring Activities… in Mures

This week we celebrated with a part of the beneficiaries the coming of spring and on this occasion we talked about the significance of the 1st of March trinket and the 8th of March celebration, dedicated to women. Because we wanted the resident girls of the Materna maternal centre - beneficiaries on the project – to enjoy for several hours and forget about the problems they are facing, we went to the Materna Centre with juice, sweets and T-shirt presents for the young mothers. The activity developed here was comprised of two components: a recreational one – where the young girls madetrinket brooches from felt, beads, shine stones, sequins – and an educational component – where they talked about contraceptive means, long-term objectives, the role of both parents in raising children. They tried to identify long-term solutions for the young mothers – cases that impressed us very much each time, the youngest resident hasn’t turned 15 years yet, but already has two children. These teenagers need both counselling and emotional support for a long term due to the fact that their situation is very complicated. Then, there was the evaluation of certain personality components, anxiety and the occupational interests with the help of CASPER platform and the specialists offered counselling to many beneficiaries in crisis situations; one of them needed urgent intervention for being hosted, because he remained without shelter.