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The second series of educators

On the 10th of September 2015 we finalized the second series of summer schools courses “Education for your future”, organized by ADV Romania on the project “Partnership for inclusion!”. Thus, for 3 days, 25 young people from Iasi County received information on sexual education and contraception, prevention of the sexually transmitted infections, prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs consumption, career counselling and guidance, but also entrepreneurship for the youth. The participants were very interested in the tapped topics, the were active, involved, full of energy, cheerful and willing to find out as much information as possible,so that they could disseminate it among other young people from their communities, at their turn (friends, relatives, neighbours, colleaguesetc.). The youth established that, once returned to their communities, they would initiate information projects with the purpose of preventing the alcohol, tobacco and drug consumption and the sexually transmitted diseases, to inform the youth in search of jobs and to initiate workshops with the young people from the rural communities on subjects approached during the summer school.