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The fifth study visit of the Social Assistants

On Wednesday, the 19th of August 2015, took place the fifth study visit of the social assistants/workers from the rural communities from Iasi and Vaslui Counties, on the project “Partnership for inclusion!” The social assistants and people with responsibilities in the social assistance field from the communes of Iasi County participated to the study visit. They visited the headquarters of Bethany Foundation for Social Services and ADV Romania Foundation, where they received information on both the activity and psycho-social services implemented by these NGOs, but also detailed information on the project developed in partnership. Furthermore, representatives of Salvati Copiii Organisation and Alternative Sociale Association were present there and presented to the group the programs in process of implementation and provided information about the role and participation of the organizations on the project. The visitors were interested to find out the specific activity of each NGO – project partner – present to the event and established contacts in view of referring social cases of those identified in each community: children with behavior troubles, diabetes, children with locomotor disorders, children with parents working abroad or children whose parents are detainees, children who abandoned school etc. The participants to the study visit at ADV Romania headquarters were very receptive and impressed by the activities of the young people within the workshops of Util Deco social enterprise of insertion and showed a real interest in the services of archiving and document depositing. In total, 5 study visits were planned and organized for 80 social assistants/workers in the communes of Iasi and Vaslui Counties, the visit on the 19th of August being the last one.