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425 vulnerable young people counselled on a European project of 2.4 Mil.RON

A number of 425 young people belonging to vulnerable groups from 4 counties of the country, including Vasluicounty, were counselled by specialists from 9 institutions, most of them NGOs, in order to find a job or for preventing them from becoming victims of any abuse, through a project of 2.4 million RON.   „Partnership for inclusion » a project of 2.4 million RON, with European funding, reached the end of the first part ; for this reason, the 9 institutions that implemented the project in 4 counties, namely Vaslui, Iasi, Constanta and Mures, organized a press conference for presenting the results. Thus, 425 young people with ages between 16 and 29 years received psycho-social assistance services through the programs developed by the 7 NGO partners and by two Departments of Social Assistance and Child Protection from Vaslui and Iasi.The project beneficiaries, especially the young people with disabilities, including HIV/AIDS, most of them coming from the rural area, benefited of counselling, professional guidance and training, and also training in the field of computer science. Furthermore, the young people received psycho-social assistance forpreventing and fighting against the effects of abuse, neglect, exploitation and any type of violence, including the prevention of people trafficking and the assistance of the victims, young people separated from one or both parents and their familymembers.  The project partners also focused on developing parental abilities for young people, parents and future parents, in view of preventing the abuse on children and the family abandonment.