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Informing session at Tg Mures

This week, beneficiaries of the day centre of ADV Mures participated at informing activities and occupational therapy activities. The informing sessions were about children home alone-that have parents working abroad. The beneficiaries learned about ways to support these children. The occupational therapy session was about continuing work at the carpet startedt in

The three, throughout seasons

During 26th and 29th of September 2016, young beneficiaries of ADV Constanta centre continues the activities meant for them to better understand the seasons. These activities were enrolled with the purpose to aid beneficiaries in developing and strenghthening of memory, observation skills, cognitive and language abilities.

Therapy, through recreation, in Tg Mures

During 19th-23rd of September 2016, the young beneficiaries of the ADV Mures centre participated at recreative and occupational theraphy activities. Besides watching animated films, the beneficiaries started working at a rug, made out of used materials, disscusing with the specialists about the importance of recycling. Also, the activity aimed to improve manual

Autumn, themed activity

This week, the young beneficiaries of the ADV Constanta centre participated at activities about Autumn. The aim of the activities was to verify and consolidate general knowledge, using drawing methods.

Handmade session in Tg Mures

This week, the young beneficiaries of ADV Mures centre worked at making handmade jewelry for their partners, mothers or for themselves. This week also, the ADV Mures specialists went to the Care&Assistance Centre Capusul de Campie to work with beneficiaries of the project. There, they organized a few sporting contests. The activities

No cultural barriers in education

During 22nd of August and 2nd of September 2016, 80 youngsters, from different ethnical groups, from Iasi and Vaslui counties, were trained as peer-educators for their communities. The training took place in the Intercultural Summer school. The trainers of the Intercultural Summerschool were specialists from the ADV Romania Foundation, Bethany Social

Autumn start

Because the weather was lovely, the activities enrolled this week at the ADV Mures centre were moved in the backyard. The youngsters were happy to paint the backyard. Also, they had talks about how they spent their vacations and had a debate about healthy eating this season.  

Mobile caravan in Iasi penitentiary

During 18th of August and 08th of Septembrie 2016, the mobile caravan reached the young men that are inprisoned, in Iasi penitentiary. Thus, during 17 informing campaigns, the young people imprisoned learned about healt education - prevention of STDs, prevention of alcohol abuse and prevention of violence.

Goodbye vacation!

This week, the beneficiaries of ADV Constanta centre enjoyed the lovely weather and spent the last vacation days visiting the Nature Science Museum in Constanta and the surroundings of the city.

Support group for young mothers

Young mothers at Materna Centre in Mures participated at a support group, organised by the ADV Romania Mures specialists, about improving their knowledge about the development of children, the necessary education, etc. The activity was interactive and informations the mothers had were clarified and completed by the specialists.