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Summer School, Step towards another world

“I learned to treasure myself as a person, to appreciate my qualities”, “There were many practical activities, team work, where I learned how to make right decisions for myself and how to get involved actively”, “Most of all, I liked the fact that we could speak freely, that we were

Occupational therapy in Mures

This week, the young beneficiaries of ADV Mures participated to occupational therapy activities at the manual bindery workshop, where they created photo frames, decorated through the quilling technique. Moreover, they learned to use the tailoring metre and other measuring techniques, which they practiced afterwards by measuring their height, waist and some

We are training peer to peer educators

The first series of the Summer School 13th edition started at Iasi, at Bucium Hotel, and was organized by Alaturi de Voi Romania Foundation for 40 young people from the rural communities in Vaslui Counties. The Intercultural Summer School – “Education for your future” is organized in two series in the

School, Now and then

This week, the young beneficiaries of ADV Mures recreated themselves by watching a Romanian movie chosen by them: The high school students. After watching the movie, they talked about the school difference nowadays and 20-30 years ago; they tried to identify the positive and negative sides of the education system

On small joys

„I am happy when I eat biscuits”, „I love receiving gifts”, „I’m happy when I am loved”, „For me, family and cousins mean everything!”, „I am happy when I seat on the sea shore” – these are some of the conclusions of the meeting held this week at ADV Mures

Mobile caravan in orphanages

On 26th of July and 04th of August 2016, the mobile caravans specialists went to 4 orphanages in Iasi county, were they had a series of informing sessions about sexual and health education, human trafficking prevention and violence prevention.

Coloured meetings

At the end of August, the young beneficiaries of ADV Mures chose to paint on stones in order to communicate… in a different way. The painted stones will be varnished and then placed on the grass in the court yard of the centre, where they will be part of the scenery,